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Research and Development
Our middle and senior management also the technical personnel,With many years of practical experience in military enterprises.Respectively,From the munition factory (state 288 plants, 238 plants, 268 plants, 298 plants, 5137 plants),and the department of aerospace also military academies.

We always pay attention to the research and development of new products and high-tech, high productivity products.With more than ten design, utility model and invention patents each year,to build the company's own intellectual property system.We through a variety of forms to start cooperation with many well-known domestic and foreign photovoltaic enterprises,research institutions and institutions of higher learning,At the same time ensuring a high proportion of investment in science and technology,formed a strong technological innovation and transformation of scientific research achievements.
Our scientific research is gradually for the military units and local enterprises attention,All registered patent products have been listed and praised by users.


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